FLOW RATE: (Litres/min 140-200-360-500-1000-1500-2000)

  • Occupies small floor space compared to other systems.
  • Applicable to Ferrous, Non Ferrous metals and non metal materials.
  • Automatic discharge of swarf.
  • Filtration efficiency dependent on grade and type of filter media used.
  • To reduce filter media consumption and increase filtration efficiency a magnetic separator can be incorporated as a pre-filter.
  • Suitable for large volumes of coolant where floor space is at a premium.

For the Drum Type Filter Paper Clarifier the coolant flows from the machine into the centre of the drum, which is lined with a non-woven filter fabric. This then flows through the filter removing any particles in suspension. When the filter is clogged and the coolant level rises to a predetermined level in the drum a sensor activates the filter feed, rotating the drum and exposing a new area of filter.