FLOW RATE: (Litres/min 40-70-140-210-280)


  • Excellent filtration effect up to 98%
  • Easy maintenance, long duration. (Carbide-tungsten shaft seal of pump. Lower nozzle of ceramic material, replaceable in no need of add of any tool.
  • Filtration effect remains unchanged in a long-term use.
  • No consumption in filtration materials (such as paper of the paper filter)
  • Able to filter the impurities in the water so as to reduce water replacement frequency and produce smoother work piece surface to deduct triming demand for grinding wheel
  • Ideal for the following impurities:
  • Magnetic materials (steel, nei, etc.)
  • None magnetic materials (stainless steel, chrome, corp, aluminium, etc.)
  • Non-matelic materials (glass, chip of grinding wheel.)